Once upon a time in my life !

Most people I know don’t understand why I love Disney so much, so I figured it was a good idea to explain why ? by writing a little bit about my life, where I from and how did it start!

27 years ago I opened my eyes to the world for the first time and made my brother the happiest child on earth (right bro?), I lived most of my childhood in Lyon, (France), for those who are lost and didn’t follow the whole story: I’m French, my entire family is French but I currently live in Florida with my husband who is American. My love for Disney came shortly after I was old enough to understand what was going on around me. My Brother and I were obsessed with Disney movie and we used to spend most of our Wednesday afternoon at the theatre watching the last Disney movie or just hanging out with my parents at the Disney store.

Around my 6th Birthday my parents planned my first Disneyland Paris’s trip but I had absolutely NO IDEA. They made up a story about going to see an uncle when we were actually going to the park! Didn’t figure anything out until my brother yield in the car: “You guys are lying we’re going to Disney I saw the signs!” And my parents were still keeping the secret and telling us that we’ve got to pass front of the park to go see our family who lived so far away. The secret started to be really hard to keep when we got closer and saw the castle and fireworks, I will always remember my dad saying: this is not Disney guys don’t get to excited, it’s just a CIRCUS!!! 

Anyways after checking in at the hotel with every Disney characters around it was pretty obvious where we were at. Best feeling in the whole world. After my 1st Magical trip ended, I just wanted to go back, I had the best experience ever and I knew it will always be my happy place!  Life kept going and i went back to DisneyLand Paris couple of times. I watched all the movies and learned every words of every single song! I’ve always been a big fan of Toy Story, Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast but years after, my Dear friend Rapunzel came around in her movie Tangled and even so I didn’t expect to like it much, she became my favorite.

First time meeting Rapunzel in 2016

When the time came for me to chose what I really wanted to do in my life, I decided that travelling will be a good thing before starting to work. So I left France went to USA, ended up working in FLORIDA at 45min from DISNEYWORLD, you can’t tell me it wasn’t meant to be!! Since then, I’ve been to Walt Disney World I don’t know how many times, i’ve became an annual pass holder (It’s been already almost 4 years) and I made my husband love everything Disney related even so he was totally not into it.

I think everyone has is own way to evacuate stress and anxiety from everyday life, either it’s video game, gym, food, a good movie or a good book, for me it’s to know that at the end of the week I’ll be in the most magical and happiest place on earth.


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