Mickey's not so scary Halloween Party 2019

Hello Magical People and Welcome back! It’s been a hot minute since the last time I’ve been posting on my blog! I promess, I’ll get better. (Life can get crazy busy sometimes right ?!). I believe if you’re here, right now, it’s to know ALL ABOUT our 1st time experience at Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party! So let’s get into it:

As you might already know (or not), Walt Disney World is hosting at the Famous MAGIC KINGDOM, couple of cool events during the year. Last year, we’ve participated to Mickey’s very merry Christmas party. It was so much fun that we’ve decided to go to the Halloween party this year (WELL DONE!).

So what’s going on there? and why should you go for it?

Those special events have a COST!(of course it’s Disney after all) but it worth every cents. The ticket will cost you anything between 70 to 100$ (It will all depends of the date you’ll choose to go). This year, the Halloween party started in August and will end in November. The event starts at 7pm until midnight. So we thought on going on a Sunday night.(Hopping for no crowds). Unfortunately that night was a SOLD OUT PARTY.. meaning it was at is full CAPACITY (Ugh!!).

Anyways, didn’t stop us to have a BLAST.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 4pm (If you’re a passholder or you bought a ticket for the day in Magic Kingdom, you can spend your normal day there and then, attempt to the party without forgetting to get wristband. If you just bought the event ticket, you’re allowed to enjoy the Park from 4pm to Midnight. Even so, the actual party won’t start before 7pm).

I already had everything plan in advance on what we were about to do, see, and what special characters we were about to meet. After entering in the Park, getting our wristbands and our little map, we went directly to TOMORROWLAND! We got a treat right away (let’s be real, it’s so hot in Florida, YOU’VE GOT TO buy an Ice cream).

The 1st thing I wanted to do during the party was taking a picture with Lots-o’-huggin’ bear AKA LOSTO. He is my absolute favorite VILLAIN and also really rare to see. It was a MUST do. Since we had some times before the event started, we went to the SPACE MOUTAIN. It was the only ride we did. (we were too busy doing everything the Halloween party was offering) 7PM : Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party was officially started.

At 6:30pm we were already in the line to meet LOTSO. It was such a great experience. He was nice, fluffy and cute but didn’t smell like strawberry.(Evan was really disappointed). Also Disney Photo pass photographer are all super nice and take wonderful photos. Right after, we ended up waiting for a picture with Stitch dressed up as Elvis Presley! It was AWESOME! The line was pretty long, (an hour or so) and Stitch left 2 times “to change” but always came back pretty fast.

Two Meet & Greet DONE and still a lot to do! We wanted to experience the trick and treating you can actually do during the party. It was pretty cool. You just go at some areas in the Park and get free candies from Cast Members (Included in your price ticket).

At 9:15PM the first Mickey’s “boo-to-you” Halloween Parade was started. Evan and I ran down Main Street straight to the Town Square Theater, to be able to meet JACK SKELLINGTON AND SALLY while people were busy watching the parade. TIP: if you want to meet special characters during those events and not wait 3 HOURS in the line to do so. You must go in the line when people are watching shows, fireworks and parades by the Castle. After only an hour waiting, we’ve meet for a second time Jack & Sally!! They’re my favorite characters to take pictures with,(we’ve already had our picture with them last year during the Christmas event) because they take time to speak and have fun with us.

After this awesome experience it was time to see DISNEY’S NOT SO SPOOKY SPECTACULAR! This show is basically the heart of the party. It can be seen just one time during the night at 10:15pm. (No need to tell you about the crowd front of Cinderella’s Castle). We were pretty close even so pretty far because of the amount of people front of us. We couldn’t see a thing of what was going on, on the stage! Thanks goodness we were able to see clearly the projections on the castle and the amazing fireworks. The show was extraordinary and I loved every little second of it.

When the fireworks ended, Evan and I tried to get closer to the stage to be able to see HOCUS POCUS VILLAIN SPELLTACULAR, but it was without success. This show is performing 3 times during the night, 8:30p – 10:45pm and 12am. We chose to attempt this show, right after the fireworks and it was a bad idea!! We didn’t see much, but i enjoyed seeing a little bit of the Sanderson sisters. I highly recommend waiting for the last show (if you can make it that late) Evan and I were way too tired at the end of the MICKEY’S “BOO-TO-YOU” HALLOWEEN PARADE, that we left right after. 

Speaking of the Parade, the second one was started at 11:15pm! So basically the plan was : Fireworks at 10:15pm, followed my Hocus Pocus at 10:45pm to end up with the parade at 11:15pm and leave home.( I must have told my plan OUT LOUD, because EVERYONE ELSE had the same plan 😂). However, the Parade was a wonderful success! We were right in front of it and it was SPOOKY! Also, super cute, magical and the music was just amazing!

Overall, we had a very good time and a good experience. I will definitely do it again (and probably change my game plan)!

If you’re interesting on knowing more about our experience during Mickey’s not so scary Halloween party, you can watch the video, I FILMED the entire night.

Xoxo – TheLamer

Here is more picture taking during the event :

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