Who am i ?


I am Justine Lamer a French online business owner living in Florida. I help small businesses, bloggers and influencers grow through Social Media and Personal Branding.

I have a bachelor’s degrees in business marketing and have been working in different companies as sales and marketing consultant while still in France. Social Media is an important part of my life. I created and run my own website, Instagram, Facebook Page, Pinterest & Twitter account. Creating content & engaging with people is my favorite part. I decided to start my own digital business shortly after I realized I could help a lot of small businesses, influencer and blogger:

  • Find their niche,
  • Target the right audience
  • Build Presence
  • Create Content who reflects their brand message
  • Engage with their followers & find new ones

Without further do, let’s get to work 

Experiences & TOOLS

  • Manage, organize & schedule
  • Edit: video & any kind of picture, Lightroom preset, graphic design
  • Design: logo, cover (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter), brand sheet, thumbnail, Instagram story template & Instagram highlight cover
  • Create content: write/schedule/share
  • Customize or remodel website
  • Analytics / Insights
  • Growth & Engagement
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter
  • SOFTWARE: WordPress, Elementor, iMovie, Photoshop, Google Analytics
  • APPS: Over, Lightroom, Mojo, Preview, Unfold, Later & more


  • PRO
  • FUN

I believe on working professionally with my clients without forgetting to make it fun. Social media is getting more competitive by the day. No one wants to follow a boring and plain page!

Helping you manage and grow your social media is my one priority. This is why it’s important the work I’ll do for you is clear, brings you value and teach you how to keep on going by yourself.

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